Ladies Love Their (Malt) Liquor?
So summertime in Bozeman is short and sweet. Some folks like to enjoy a frosty, cool beverage after a day earning their wages. The women in Bozeman, Montana (I have found in a VERY informal poll) are now LOVING their malt liquor. Is this going to make for "larger ladies"?
11 Diving Fails to Prep You for Summer
Memorial Day is coming up soon, which means the beginning of swimming season is quickly approaching. This also means plenty of painful belly flops, fully-clothed people falling into pools and our latest hilarious discovery, diving fails.
Cornerstone Grill Coming To Bozeman Soon
A couple months ago I wrote a post titled, 'Best Unoccupied Properties In Bozeman'. One of the properties I listed was the old 18 Miles to the Border, located downtown at 131 W Main St. I pretty much begged anyone out there to buy the space and turn it into another restaurant so that I could once ag…
Summer Is Almost Here, Let The Backyard Games Begin
After the weekend we just had here in Bozeman, I am thinking summer! I'm smelling the Bar-Be-Que, tasting the beer, and making some serious moves in my flip flops. Who else likes to get a little competitive in the backyard this time of year?
More Brassy Goodness For Your Summer’s Delight.
How do? This summer has had its share of righteous musical acts coming live and direct to your face at Music On Main, El Zebra and The Emerson. The brass presence has been particularly delightful with March Forth and so forth, which got your buddy Riley to thinking: brass music is just too damn awes…

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