Mike Doughty – I Love You, But Not This Much
I've got to hand it (sorry) to Twitter user @KellyMLyon....she has one upped me on my not-so-private love for Mike Doughty and his music. But I just TALK about his stuff a lot. She took it to another level and I have to wonder if Mike is creeped out?
We’ve Been Tricked By The Facebook Tattoo Girl!
Turns out, the girl who claimed to have a tattoo of 152 friends faces onto her arm was just pulling a fast one on us. The tattoo was merely a transfer as the ink can be washed away after a few days. The video of her receiving the tattoo even made it on CNN...
Woman Tattoos 152 Friends’ Pictures on Body [VIDEO]
A Netherlands woman has taken her friendship -- and social media -- to a whole new level after she tattooed 152 of her Facebook friends onto her arm.
The tattoos cover her entire right arm, from armpit to wrist, and have since been dubbed by the woman as both her "MySpace wall" and …
Today’s “Seriously Dude?” Moment Of The Day
That can't even be a real tattoo. What man in his right mind would garnish his body with a Justin Bieber picture? That's your daily reminder guy? The Monday Night Football crew has their "C'mon Man" segment, the Moose now has something similar.