How To File an Extension For Your 2010 Taxes
Because of Emancipation Day, a little known Washington D.C. holiday that this year is being celebrated on April 15, US taxpayers had until April 18 to file their taxes.
For some people that still won't be enough time to get all their papers in order. If you find yourself in that boat, you can file fo…
Seven Ridiculous State Taxes
While doing (and paying) your taxes is the opposite of a good time, there are some taxes that are so ridiculous, they're actually kind of fun.
Well, maybe not so fun if you actually live in one of these states. Check out our list of seven ridiculous state taxes:
Five Forbidden Tax Deductions
One of the few joys of tax preparation is making deductions and watching your bill from Uncle Sam get lower and lower.
Here's a list of five expenses that might be tempting to deduct, but are strictly forbidden by the IRS.
5 Helpful Tips for a Successful Tax Return
It’s tax time! It can get overwhelming to file all alone. Here are a few resources that might help.
The IRS Website
The IRS’s website, while written in legalese, is the ultimate guide to everything you’ll need to know about your taxes. Here, you can down…
5 Great Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund
It’s tax season, but that also means it's tax return season, too. In 2010, the average return was $3,036. That’s a lot of money to get at one time. With all that extra cash, you might be asking yourself, "How should I spend it?"
Here are few idea…
Seven Celebrities Who Cheated on Their Taxes
With tax day just around the corner, the IRS is readying itself to spot this year's round of tax evaders. Given the lack of impulse control and sense of entitlement among the celebrity set (we're looking at you, Charlie Sheen), it should be no surprise that the famous and the powerful are among the …
Voting To Increase Property Tax Monday Night
The Bozeman School Board will vote this evening to determine how much they will need to increase the property tax. The increase will be put on the ballot of the May 3rd elections. How much of an increase do you think there should there be?
Obama Saves All Tax Payers Billions
Wow, we have been wasting billions of dollars in tax payers' money. Obama called for a detailed report to discover areas of spending that may be redundant or just plain dumb. What they found--546 such programs that fell into one of these categories. Even republicans are stating the obvious, &a…
2010 IRS Free File Available
If your financial life is simple, you'll love this and be sure to take advantage of it. Getting help for free is always a good idea. -Michelle
Starting Friday, eligible taxpayers can prepare and e-file federal tax returns for free through the IRS Free File program.
Tricks To Survive The 2nd Half Of Winter
Mid-January is a tough time to say you love this place. Yeah, the skiing is generally great but the weather is notoriously unpredictable with some days significantly below zero and others (like today) unseasonably "messy warm" in the 40s.