Ski Bike Jumping is a Thing [VIDEO]
We shouldn't be surprised I guess, but ski bike jumping is indeed a thing now. It appears to me like a fantastic way to break your arm but Jason Hudson and his buddies seem to be getting the hang of it.
Flathead Lake Time Lapse [VIDEO]
An Arizona based company, Mopro Sports, visited Montana and took some beautiful short films of our prettiest areas including this one from Flathead Lake.
Livingston Montana Time Lapse [VIDEO]
Nick Richards captured a wonderful video breath of Livingston, Montana in this quickie time lapse. It is simple. It is beautiful. It is one of my favorite towns on Earth.
Livingston Montana’s Official Video [VIDEO]
The Montana Film Office put together a very cool, short video highlighting the beautiful town of Livingston, Montana. We already know how great that place is, and now the rest of the world shall know too.

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