What Women Are Really Thinking While Doing Yoga [VIDEO]
Us guys never know what you women are ever thinking while doing anything, but we do know you're ALWAYS thinking. I had a hunch most women don't attain the meditative, peaceful state yoga attempts to capture. Ladies who practice yoga, is there any truth to the internal monologue here?
Study Shows All Women In America Own Huge Horoscope Book
It's not really a study, but I saw three of them this weekend. Those huge horoscope books are everywhere and it seems that every girl/woman in America owns one. I bought mine in my late teens. Some buy them when they get divorced. Others buy them because they have cool charts that we don't…
Girls Watching Football
Girls watching football is a situation that can be hard to read. Some girls "watch" football to appease those around them and somehow fit in socially. As the season approaches it seems only fitting to address this topic. When Megan and I are watching football I assure you, we'…
‘Viagra for Women’ Getting Closer, Currently in Trials
Mad scientists have been hard at work trying to develop a sex-drive-enhancement drug for women ever since those wily old coots emerged nearly 15 years ago with a little blue pill called Viagra. Interestingly enough, it appears as if science is no match for men dedicated to breeding a society full of…
New Study Reveals Most Women Don’t Like Your Facial Hair Guys
I grow a light beard every winter. Apparently, women find that unattractive (good thing I'm married). Single dudes, listen up! A new study conducted in two different countries found the same result: In the eyes of most women, men with any kind of facial hair look older and are viewed as more ag…
The Women Are Smarter (Here’s Why…Sorry, Rich)
I LOVE the people I work with in our building. They're (generally) smart, funny, creative, music loving, etc. HOWEVER, see if you can follow why I was so disturbed this morning when I walked in the studio. Let me know if this doesn't make sense.

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