More Insanely Creative BMX Tricks From Tim Knoll [VIDEO]
If you're ever in Milwaukee look out for a dude performing crazy, original tricks on his bike. Most people in the BMX world are already aware of Tim Knoll and what he can do. He posted a video back in 2010 where he performed a bunch of tricks that had never been done. Well, he's back at it…
YouTube Comedy Week – Start A Mumford Band [VIDEO]
I am loving YouTube Comedy Week! Check out the latest hilarity posted, titled "Start A Mumford Band! Key of Awesome #71". I love Mumford & Sons and the insinuating joke here is really a great compliment to them. Are we currently living in "Mumford Land" wi…
Unique Must-See Guitar Technique [VIDEO]
There are talented street musicians all over this globe, and thanks to YouTube we now have the opportunity to catch more glimpses of some of that untapped, raw talent out there. Check out this lady casually playing what appears to be a 4-stringed guitar in a very cool, yet most unusual way.
Watch 30 Skiers Do A Backflip While Holding Hands [VIDEO]
30 skiers near Montreal pulled off a pretty cool trick on Sunday. They joined hands, hit a jump, and nailed a backflip...together. It was pretty sweet, it looked like an aerial wave. They were reportedly trying for a world record, but it hasn't been confirmed by Guinness yet. Two videos were ta…
Pentatonix’s Evolution Of Music [VIDEO]
I had never heard of the a capella group Pentatonix (who apparently won season 3 of NBC's The Sing-Off...never saw that either). I was just really impressed by this YouTube video I came across. Check out this musical medley of the ages by the talented bunch:

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