Girl Does Tandem Bungee Jump Without A Harness [VIDEO]
This has got to be the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Some crazy lady with a death wish decides to climb over the railing of a bridge and put her arms and legs around some dude who is bungee jumping so that she can catch a tandem jump...all without a harness! The guy is somehow comfortable with her c…
Man Smashes Head Through Table [VIDEO]
I have a few questions after watching this video, namely who does this?...and, what is this table made of? (o.k., maybe I do this). This could be a good Cat/Griz bet for the loser this Saturday (assuming you have an equally weak table of course):
Social Media Psychic Prank – With Jake Vale [VIDEO]
YouTube prankster Jake Vale recently filmed a "Social Media Experiment" in a busy area of Irvine, California. He figured out how to find the most recent stuff people nearby him posted publicly on social media. He then uses the information to mess with them by pretending he's p…
1-Year-Old Drummer is Amazing [VIDEO]
I am amazed by little kids who play musical instruments far better than I could right now after months of practice. I have a one-year-old and could not imagine how one could play drums like this. This kid truly has a god-given gift:

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