If you're going to a costume party this weekend, I personally guarantee you'll see at LEAST two of these people:

Here are 5 people you see at pretty much every Halloween party (and I'm even gonna leave out the slutty [whatever] costume):

  1. The Person Who Claims They're Wearing A Costume, Even Though They're Not. When you ask them why they didn't dress up, they'll say they did. They'll claim they're something that doesn't really require a costume (like a teacher or a serial killer).
  2. The Person With A Costume That Severely Restricts Them From Moving. You know that costume that is so huge and ridiculous, the person can't fit through a doorway. This person always looks miserable after the first few initial laughs.
  3. The Person Who Obviously Hates Halloween. Speaking of miserable, this is the person who threw together their costume at the last minute because they were dragged to the party. They will let you know how miserable they are all night. Stay away from this good time slayer.
  4. The Guy Dressed In Drag. So many guys love the opportunity to fulfill their drag fetish on Halloween (and always think it's the funniest thing anyone has ever seen).
  5. The Person Who Approaches Halloween Like A Method Actor. That person who absolutely refuses to break character all night (the first hour, funny...after that, annoying).


You are guaranteed to see these people at every costume party. If you're going to one this weekend, get back to us on Monday and let us know how many you spotted.