Top 10 reasons to love Montana? This is not that list. Want to blow more smoke up our own skirts? Read a national retirement rag. This list contains stuff you're not supposed to talk about.... What Sucks About Montana.

Freshly stacked for the upcoming Montana winter

Let's be honest...there ARE some things that suck here. Seriously. Do you remember last February? The full weekend of Emergency Travel Only and wind chills of -45 at Bohart Ranch? I do, because I had to go to work at 5am to gather the crappy ski reports that were moot anyway since nobody in their right mind would ski when it's -45. Let alone work. Or school. Or anywhere.

Montana Has The Worst Drivers In America. IN AMERICA.

We are the CRASH DEATH CAPITOL of the country. No joke. We're fairly close to rural Bangkok, Thailand.

According to U.S. Census data, based on the number of deaths per 100 million miles traveled, Montana’s fatal car-accident rate is exactly twice as high as those of California, Colorado, and Maryland, and nearly twice as high as those of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Oregon, and Ohio.

Montana has the 2nd highest number of underage drinking and driving deaths. It's not something to be proud of when you score worse than anything.

Montana's great powder snow is some of the best on the planet. How many days did you actually get to ski last season? 6. I skied 6 times. Pathetic. Or is it? Quite frankly, skiing is expensive and so is a mortgage. And power bills. And groceries for a guy who's 6' 8" and 260lbs.

Created by KMMS Bozeman

My point is: I was working every chance I got to supplement my income. Or I was spending time with my elderly father (and even THAT wasn't much time.) Unless you can AFFORD the dude-man-bro lifestyle of so many dreamers who move here, you're probably going to ski 6 days a year too.

Housing Prices Are Insane Compared To Wages. It's Not Even Close To Funny.

The average earned income per capita in Bozeman is $26,427 (as of June 2014), according to Sperling's Best Places.

The median home cost is $248,00 (as of June 2014) according to Sperling's Best Places.

Enough said on that topic since only basic math is necessary to see that the affordability SUCKS.

What I DO find great about Montana and Bozeman specifically, is the amazing commitment that residents here have to STAY HERE. Living here is a choice and that choice comes with lots of hard work. Not just for money but for existence. Winter is no joke around here. Fire season is a close 2nd.

The PEOPLE OF BOZEMAN make it a cool place to live. My reality check two cents.