Join us in a "Quest For Your Best" at Fuel Fitness in Bozeman. It's a FREE, friendly competition to shed some pounds. You don't have to be a member at Fuel Fitness to participate, but Friday, January 10 is the last day to sign up! Stop by Fuel now, and see if you can spot any of these gym stereotypes while you're there:

Dude Perfect has nailed it once again with their "Gym Stereotypes":

Stop in to Fuel Fitness Bozeman by Friday, January 10 to sign up and weigh-in for the first time (last weigh-in will be on February 21). It's FREE to participate in the "Quest For Your Best", and you don't have to be a member at Fuel (you can work out wherever you choose). Winner will be based on percentage of body weight lost (not total pounds). The winner will receive a one year membership at Fuel Fitness! If you do sign up by Friday, you'll get to pick from the Fuel Fitness grab bag (either a free T-shirt, bag, protein shake, a personal training session, or a coupon for 20% off products at Fuel).