It wasn’t very long ago that Tom Morello debuted a brand-new track live in concert called ‘Marching On Ferguson.’ The song, first performed at ‘Jail Guitar Doors Rock Out 2!’ in Hollywood, Calif. on Sept. 5, is the quintessential protest song aimed at the continued outcry in Ferguson, Mo.

Now, a little over a month since that live debut, Morello has not only unleashed a studio version of it, but has made it free for fans to download. Check it out:

The song is dark and brooding, with Morello’s signature deep vocals and clear-cut, no-bulls--t lyrics like “No peace and no patience / I’m under surveillance.” And for you Rage Against the Machine fans, 'Marching On Ferguson' is chock full of Morello's classic guitar style, too.

The song supports Ferguson October, an organization that curated massive marches and rallies for Oct. 10-13, as well as connected hundreds of other efforts to help support the cause in the Missouri town. ‘Marching On Ferguson’ is the first in what will be a series of songs released for Ferguson October, dubbed ‘Artists for Ferguson.’ Get more information here.

'Marching On Ferguson' is free to download, but for those fans who choose to voluntarily donate, Morello says 100% of the profits will “support defending the protesters in the Ferguson area who have faced attacks, wrongful arrest, and violence from the police,” according to Rolling Stone.

As Morello recently tweeted, "this jam is for you," Ferguson:

Watch Tom Morello Perform ‘Marching On Ferguson’ In Hollywood