Valentines Day is coming up and in anticipation we asked for your terrible date or love gone wrong stories. Many of the submissions left us speechless. Starting today we will be sharing our favorite stories leading up to Valentines Day and reveal the top four prize winners on Valentines Day. Click through to read some hilarious bad date stories.

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We hope you find these entertaining if not even a little bit educational.

Probe Me
Took a women out to dinner for the second time and she told me that she was abducted by aliens the prior year. The date ended pretty quickly after that.

I Hope You Can Keep A Secret
I was 19 years old and attending university. This guy had known for a while asked me out to dinner one Friday night, which was actually quite nice (well, as nice as a T.G.I.Fridays on a student budget can be.) We ended up back at his apartment watching movies and spent the rest of the evening cuddled up on the couch together. When he gave me a ride back to my dorm, I casually said, "So thank you for the date, I had a really great time."

He looked astonished - "Oh, this wasn't a date," he said matter of factly. "But I still wouldn't want it to get back to my girlfriend that we were hanging out; you know, as friends."

You Must Be The Mom!
I once went on first date with a girl and after some drinks we went back to her apartment kind of late. It was dark and we went straight to her bedroom. When we woke up the next morning she got up and said she needed to get ready for work and I could go out to the living room. To my surprise, her mom was in the living room. First thing she said to me was "So your the guy ________ brought home! Want some coffee?" Needless to say I haven't talked the the girl since.

That’s Not Cheese!
I was making dinner for my date, who is now my husband and made a terrible mistake. I pulled what I thought was frozen shredded mozzarella cheese out of the freezer to put on my chicken Parmesan casserole and sprinkled it over the entire dish. After about a half an hour I opened the oven to check on and and discovered that the cheese was not melting. Turns out it wasn't cheese but frozen hash browns. We both ate it and he told me it was delicious. We still joke about it today, 8 years and one baby later.