Valentine's Day is supposed to be all about chocolates, flowers and kissy lips right? Yes, we said kissy lips. While that's all fine and dandy, we all know how love can be a bit harsh sometimes and leave you heart broken, embarrassed and maybe even discouraged. Now it's time to take your heart ache from the past and win some prizes! Tell us your worst date stories and we will give you a great prize for this coming Valentine's Day!

It’s easy to enter, just fill out the form below and tell us about your worst dating experience. We’ll feature our favorite ones on our website. Don’t be shy, we’ll change the names in the stories in order to save you and your date some embarrassment. If we pick your dating horror story, you could win one of these prizes:

  • $100 Gift Card at Bozeman's Erotique
  • $100 Gift Card at Bozeman's Re-Couture
  • $100 Gift Card to Smokin Smitty's in Bozeman
  • $100 Gift Card to the Cateye Cafe in Bozeman

Part of a recent submission:

We got back in his car and he said "o hey, I happen to have my guitar in my car...I'll play something for you!" Weird coincidence. So he climbed into the back while I stayed in the front seat and he started crooning "Sexual Healing" with his eyes closed and everything...