Photo by flickr user colleens-pics

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is looking for volunteers for its annual Dome Mountain Clean-Up Day, co-sponsored by the Park County Rod and Gun Club, on June 8. Volunteers will be cleaning up and removing remnants of old fencing that are dangerous to wildlife on this important elk winter range. Details here:

Where: Volunteers will meet at Dailey Lake

Date: June 8, 2013

Time: 10:00 am

Volunteers should contact Laida Talcott prior to June 8: email or call (503) 449-1508.

Fencing pliers and t-post pullers would be very helpful, additional ATV's might be needed as well. Volunteers who would be willing to bring any of these items on June 8 should let Laida Talcott know. Free food and beverages will be provided.