I swear I spend more time waiting for Tate Chamberlin than I do anything else. At the moment, I'm taking a lunch break from the mountain because he texed "en route" over an hour ago. Sure he is. I know how this is going to go. I'll eat, put my boots back on, get back on the lift and then the mobile will ring.

Tate (fondly known to me as Pig), and I have a like/hate relationship of epic proportions. It's beyond anything I've ever experienced with anyone. Ever. Even when I was in middle school. We are both very stubborn people and very busy people. Too busy for our own good, probably. Text messaging was invented for us. We expect a lot out of each other professionally which can make for even more "fun". Giving deadlines to each other when you're also good friends is like, I don't know what it's like but it sucks.

So: to that end, I'll be waiting here patiently for Pig to get his butt up the mountain so we can ski this afternoon, then get some work done tomorrow. And give each other deadlines. Awesome. -m