I guess my first reaction was "why are there so many dudes" in this group because the Urban Dictionary defines BRONY as: A name typically given to the male viewers/fans of the My Little Pony show or franchise.

Well, that's cool. I guess. The Urban Dictionary continues:

While generally associated with a negative stereotype by outsiders, due to it's former 80's frilly girly-girl twinkle-toed tea-parties and all-female main casting, bronies are attracted to the new show by it's good animation, acting, writing, and humor.

Having once been on the outside, bronies can love and tolerate others until they themselves become bronies. However, haters gonna hate— most likely due to the fact that they have a masculinity inferiority complex, where they believe that if they watched My Little Pony, others like them will label them as an effeminate freak.

We're no haters here at The MOOSE, but I still don't quite get the point. Appreciating art? Sure. But dancing outside of Target? Not sure about that. Any insight for me?