How does your busy life affect you? Be honest. One night I had some Wheat Thins and two glasses of chocolate milk for dinner. Another night was "carrot night". What's carrot night, you ask?

Carrot night is exactly what you think it is. It stems from not wanting to make a huge mess in the kitchen after a ridiculously long day but ALSO wanting to eat something healthy. So dinner ends up being baby carrots (usually munched on in front of the computer.)

Told you we were being honest here.

Growing up, my family and I ALWAYS had dinner together. Every night. There had to be something pretty darned important to miss it. Not only was it an important meal but it was the best opportunity to sit down with each other and catch up. Relax. Be ourselves.

In this day and age with as many work hours that we put in, I urge you to take the pledge with me to enjoy your dinner. That doesn't mean we have to spend three hours a night in the kitchen but put some thought into what kind of fuel we're giving ourselves for the NEXT day of craziness.

Even if it is two glasses of chocolate milk.