We here at the Moose like to think of our station as "Bozeman's soundtrack". We at least try to provide a certain Bozeman vibe with our mix of music. If you had to pick just one song to represent Bozeman, what would it be?

We really want to hear your suggestions, maybe we'll even find a new song in our rotation as a result. Let us know in the comments below. Here's 3 possibilities that can all be heard on The Moose (to get those wheels turnin'):

Blues Traveler - The Mountains Win Again

Chris Whitley - Big Sky Country

Donavon Frankenreiter - Move By Yourself - I'm going with this tune. I think the lyrics and vibe totally fit. I like to think "the friend" that Donavon is referring to is Bozeman. Check out the video for "Move By Yourself" here. It's a cool video and it even looks like Donavon just left Bozeman in the beginning of it (he's trying to find his way back throughout the rest). And don't forget to leave your "Bozeman anthem" song suggestion below (I'd love to share some on the air).