It was just revealed that a handful of about 60 American Idol finalists, for the upcoming new season, had never heard a Beatles song before. A handful? That never heard any song by the most popular, influential pop group in history? Really? Here's the article

For many years, they have been considered the most important group of all time. To a certain demographic of American Idol hopefuls, however, The Beatles don’t figure too highly on their top influences list. According to a report from, American Idol host Ryan Seacrest has revealed that some of this year’s hopefuls had never heard a Beatles song before they entered the competition.

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One of this season’s episodes will feature contestants performing the hits of the Fab Four in Las Vegas, something that a number of the would be pop-stars found more of a challenge than others: “They went to perform Beatles songs, about 60-something [of them]. A handful of them, I asked, ‘What do you think about the songs?’ and they said, ‘I’ve never heard a Beatles song before in my life!’”