I'm a gardening idiot. Everything is trial and error. When can you set your plants outside in Bozeman? Everybody's got an opinion. Here's mine.

I set my plants outside in their pots or the raised beds when I get around to it. AFTER everyone has said it's safe.

Why can I be so casual? Because I start my plants far too early and it's a stretch to keep them happy inside as long as I do. I'm meticulous about them. They take over the living room.Then they take over the deck for a few hours a day if I have the time, which I usually don't.

MY ADVICE? Wait until the fist week of June, or as soon as you can get them out after that. Be safe. If you've been taking good care of these things for a couple of months, don't let them die outside one afternoon when you're at work and we get a big storm.