Yet another chapter in the "Michelle Has No Idea How To Garden But Is Now Obsessed" department: I have multiple piles of living things that need to go in the ground and more piles seem to appear on a daily basis.

Having no idea how to grow roses I bought even more

What started out as something to do in the months of January, February and March has now become something of an obsessive compulsive nightmare. The old adage of "the more the better" no longer applies.

With more things to plant shortly than I know what to do with, I bought 6 more rose bushes just because they were on sale. What the hell do I know about roses? Nothing. The packs of annuals that I bought a couple weeks ago have yet to find a home in one of the dozen terracotta pots I have accumulated.

Ever been so caught up in a hobby that you're no longer being productive, you're just making a mess? That's me. Now feel better about your secret hobby that borders on hoarding. You're not alone.

More packs of annuals waiting for their turn