No, I didn't stage this picture. Yes, there are usually fresh flowers on the table. No, I haven't read all "500 Greatest Poems". Yes, that purse is a black hole. But what your landing pad looks like says a lot about you.

Now, I don't know EXACTLY WHAT it says about you but I genuinely believe that it speaks volumes.

We've all got that place that we pile our "stuff" on right as we walk in the house. Some toss theirs on a couch, the kitchen table and perhaps some actually make it farther than the 1.5 feet from the door that I use.  The closer the better. Get that crap out of my hands. Mail, purse, keys, groceries, UPS...whatever.

So, in a light hearted curiosity-killed-the-cat sort of way.....where do YOU dump 'yer stuff when you walk in your front door. Perhaps you too, have a pic?