So if you don't know me personally I originally hail from Polson, Montana. A nice, little lake town on the south tip of Flathead Lake. I was privileged enough to grow up and live there and meet amazing people. I love Polson but this might change my opinion....

I Love Polson V1 from David W. King on Vimeo.

Listen, I know mostly everyone in that video about Polson but I am on the fence about this video/song. It's in the style of Randy Newman's "I Love L.A." and I am ok with that but man, that voice kills me. The biggest problem I have is that this song has been stuck in my head for four straight days. That and the video is so awesome.  It's one of those cases that it's so bad it's good.

Plus, I noticed that there were a lot of local businesses that weren't in there and they have been Polson landmarks forever and instead got WalMart, McDonalds and other franchise restaurants in there. Which is very disappointing. But...this video exists now, enjoy and please tell me how you feel about it.