I spent last Saturday watching football with Greg and his family. We stopped at the store for all the necessary provisions: beer, chips, veggies, dip, various deli items INCLUDING some egg rolls that for some reason looked delicious.

Purses need more attention than we give them. Be kind. Clean out your purse (or at least check it's contents) on a daily basis. This public service message from 95-1 The MOOSE.

So we hauled all this health food over to the house and settled in for several hours of grazing and football watching. Everyone had plenty of food with lots of leftovers.

Which brings me to what happened next. The egg rolls had been forgotten in the fridge and remained uneaten. Knowing that for some reason they looked delicious to me 6 hours earlier, I grabbed the sealed plastic bag and tossed it in my purse and we left.

The rest of the weekend was quiet and I don't think we even left the house.

All of a sudden it's Monday morning. Moral of the story? Egg rolls do not smell awesome after being at room temperature for two days.