Having choices in life is important. At least it is to me. That's why I like these contests that we have every single month on The MOOSE because when you win, you get to CHOOSE what you win. That's the way it should be. January's big "Tie The Knot" showcase is a perfect example, even if you have NO intention of getting married anytime soon. God knows I don't.

The contest is very simple. You can win a $500 prize package from any of the following businesses: The Gem Gallery, The Horny Moose BBQ, Salon Rituals, Bozeman Photo or The Dock on North 7th Avenue.

Plus, you can gather 50,000 points by stopping by those businesses and getting a MOOSE Bonus Code. There are different Bonus Codes at each location. IMPORTANT CHEATING TIP: The MOOSE Bonus Code for Bozeman Photo can be found at the front desk at OUR office, 125 West Mendenhall.

So, if you have a minute check it out. Choices are good. We're firm believers in that! -Michelle