Cold Stone Creamery makes the most delicious desserts. Their fresh, locally made creations mixed on their sub-zero granite stone, using only the highest quality mix-in's can not be matched. You can win one just in time to wow your Thanksgiving company. Details here:

If you're like me and you couldn't bake your way out of a kitchen, a special Cold Stone creation could be exactly what you need this Thanksgiving. Prepare to dazzle your taste buds and give your guests a whole new reason to be thankful this year. We just want to hear your best baking horror story. Let us know when it all went wrong in your kitchen and you could win a Cold Stone cake or pie.

You can chose one of their ready-made creations or you can have a custom dessert made just for you (they have over 40 mix-in choices and 20 flavors to choose from). Submit your story below by Thursday, November 15th!