This was my fourth winter here and I know, it took me way too long, but I've finally embraced this one like a true Bozemanite by hitting the slopes! I'm from Connecticut where skiing and boarding isn't nearly as big a deal, probably because we have a couple hills to ski (not mountains).

I skied a couple times since moving here (prior to this winter) and consequently became an uninspired bored little house monkey. I finally took the advice of every other person in this valley, got myself some skis and just did the damn thing. I am so glad I did! There is no doubt that I will be purchasing a season pass to one of the lovely local resorts next year. Money well, well spent!

There was another "I Ski With The Moose" on Saturday and I enjoyed the awesome conditions at Moonlight along with 25 lucky Moose listeners. Bozeman, I loved you before and I love you even more now. I'll save the corny love letter to you. I'm just a little overwhelmed that I actually don't want winter to end this year (although it technically already has, you know what I mean)