Hopefully your office has some (bad) habit that will make me feel better but I swear we've shattered at least half a dozen coffee pots in 2012. For some reason, we're unable to designate SOMEONE as the "coffe-pot-turner-offer".

This is probably coffee pot number 5 or 6 that we've shattered in 2012 alone. Turning it off is clearly not our strong suit.

In all fairness, I will disclose the number of things that I HAVE BROKEN in this building in 2012....although the list does not include a coffee pot. Included in my destructive list is a thank you to the person who fixed said problem. (I'll give you a clue - Dennis is our engineer.)

January 2012 - I blew up one of the Bose speakers in the Moose studio. It is not the first time this has happened. Thank you, Dennis.

March 2012 - A can of Redbull mysteriously dumped itself all over my laptop. Well, I totally dumped a can of Redbull all over my laptop. Thank you, Dennis.

April 2012 - I was irate about something and slammed the door to the Moose studio. It's never been in the best shape, but my childish reaction to whatever had disrupted my peace that day was the last straw for the knob and every piece of hardware connected to it. (Dennis refuses to fix this as he's "quite sure" there will be another incident of me acting like petulant child and slamming the door again.)

July 2012 - Broke the sunroof on the Moose Jeep. Not even sure how that happened but it had something to do with the Targhee Music Festival in Jackson. (Dennis doesn't know about this one yet.)

September 2012 - Another incident with the Moose studio speaker being jacked up too loud. (Thanks, Dennis.)