Police are still searching for Christopher Brahney, a 22-year-old man, who disappeared following the June 29 Stone Roses concert at Heaton Park. A friend of mine, whom I attended grad school with in England, was at that very show and was scared for her own safety afterwards. Here's why:

The 22-year-old man in question is Christopher Brahney, (pictured) who was reportedly last seen by friends shortly before midnight during the evening of the show. It was kind of crazy for me to see that this made national news today, after first hearing about it on my Facebook News Feed from a friend who was at that show. My friend Aya Fukuta posted this picture on Facebook and had this to say:

It was hard to get on the tram after the gig, Heaton Park Station was closed even though loads of people were depending on it. It was a bit scary walking alone amongst the chaos to the next available station. I hope he gets home safely.

The young man's parents are reportedly desperate for any information relating to his whereabouts. Anyone with any information has been urged to call the Greater Manchester Police at 0161 856 7652.