It's funny how every year is completely different. Some years I have giant sunflowers. This year I have 2 that are no taller than 18 inches. This year had to be kept simple because of gardening time restraints.

With that in mind, I only planted in containers that could be moved around easily. (Not just to mess with the look and light but easier for neighbors to water when I was away.)

This year I did the standard petunia baskets which almost always look great, including this year. (I line my coco baskets with an addition layer of fun fabric to hold water even longer, for what it's worth.)

The two gold star winners?

1. Goldsturm Coneflowers

These guys are troopers. Coneflowers are no strangers to the Bozeman area and you can get them in various colors. This year I got a couple of starts from Cashman Nursery.

One of the best decisions for the buck. Low maintenance. High return and durability.

Flower - Coneflower 1
Flower - Coneflower 2

2. Red Gladiolus

Some folks around Bozeman can get these bulbs to rebloom each year without being dug up. I've never had such luck so I end up getting fresh ones every year. Not super efficient but sometimes it's just worth it. These beauties I bought on impulse at ACE Owenhouse for $5 a bag.

Instead of putting them in the ground, I did the pot thing and it turned out JUST FINE. Yeah, they're a little top-heavy but VERY strong against windy days. Nothing broken yet and the blooms are staggered so I should have color for at least three weeks.

Flower - Red Gladiolus