October 19 | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sliding Scale Fee: $35-$100
Bozeman Dharma Center
1019 E Main St, upstairs, Bozeman, 59715 United States

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Emotions lead us to our greatest joys and most painful sorrows. They also provide the inspiration for what is most meaningful in our lives. When they become destructive, we are lost in the grips of anger, fear, sadness, and overwhelm. A kind of suffering we have all experienced. In modern times, we have a psychological disorder for just about every unpleasant emotion and mental state. As the external world demands so much of our attention it is no surprise that we find our inner lives to feel empty. Recognizing that we are burned out on distraction and over-stimulation we may consider an alternative approach. Perhaps, our inner, emotional world may truly be the final frontier.
As we develop emotional awareness we find that we are able to become honest about the difficulties in our lives. We can take responsibility for our destructive emotional episodes, diminishing guilt and regret as we become aware of how and where we are causing them. We learn the power of gratitude and compassion and promote positive change in our lives and in this world. As we do this, confidence builds. We develop an optimistic attitude as we learn how to cultivate emotional balance in the face of adversity.
During this Workshop, Dave will discuss how Mindfulness practices can be constructively integrated with emotional intelligence.
Participants will learn
• Understanding how emotions work, & how they can work for and not against us;
• Recognizing and working with emotional triggers;
• Deepening awareness and stabilizing attention;
• Increasing compassion for the self and others;
• Cultivating genuine happiness and mental balance.

Dave Smith is an internationally recognized Buddhist meditation teacher, addiction treatment specialist, and published author. His background is rooted in the Insight Meditation tradition. He has extensive experience bringing meditative interventions into jails, prisons, youth detention centers and addiction treatment facilities.