We have a few suggestions if you want to save money and see some incredible places in Montana.

Attractions come in all types of shapes and sizes.

Montana has waterparks, museums, parks, and more to enjoy daily. Most attractions in Montana are family-friendly and cost a little money to experience.

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The attractions in Montana are the natural wonders of Big Sky Country or deal with the state's history.

Big Sky Waterpark via Facebook
Big Sky Waterpark via Facebook

What if you are trying to save money and still enjoy what Montana offers?

Does Montana have free attractions? Yes, and they are spectacular.

The Best Free Attractions in Montana

If you want to keep your money but still experience the beauty and history of Montana, we have a few ideas.

Love Exploring made a list of Every State's Best Free Attractions, and Montana's were perfect.

Here are three attractions you can enjoy for free in Montana.

1. Flathead Lake

Flathead Lake State Park via Facebook
Flathead Lake State Park via Facebook

You will have to journey up to Northwest Montana to enjoy Flathead Lake, but there are several parks and pullouts on the side of the lake where you can take a dip. Just make sure to bring a towel.

2. Beartooth Highway

facebook.com/YellowstoneCountry Credit: @BarbaraKrushlucki
Credit: @BarbaraKrushlucki

If you want views, this highway is breathtaking. This highway connecting Billings to Wyoming is stunning and won't cost you a penny to enjoy.

3. Yellowstone County Museum

If you want to see what Montana was like before statehood until the 1950s, this museum is well-preserved and fun for history fans. It has artifacts from Native Americans and the Wild West.

These attractions are all Montana-approved and fun for locals and tourists.

Get out have fun and save your money.

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