This new location for this store could be a massive game changer for them, and it's in a perfect spot.

It seems like a business closes in Bozeman every week, but another one either takes its location or another store opens elsewhere. We have seen companies like Smoke Fire & Coal, Bed Bath & Beyond, and others close over the past year in Bozeman. Then, we saw new businesses like Texas Roadhouse, a few art galleries, and Stio open their doors in the Bozeman area.

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One business has been slowly waiting to open its doors to its new location in Bozeman, and they have finally announced when its grand opening will be.

Olivelle has been a popular store among locals for several years and had a location on 19th Avenue until recently. Olivelle announced a few years ago they were going to move spaces. The new space needed to be remodeled, and during that time, Olivelle had a pop-up shop in the Gallatin Valley Mall.

Olivelle announced on their Facebook page that their new location on Main Street will celebrate their Grand Opening on Saturday, October 14th. Check out the post below.

Credit: Olivelle Bozeman via Facebook

If you have never been to Olivelle and are a foodie, you should check it out. Olivelle is a one-stop shop for oils, vinegar, spices, salts, and other food items you can't find anywhere else in Montana.

Olivelle Bozeman via Facebook
Olivelle Bozeman via Facebook

The new store location is right off the corner of Main Street and 19th Avenue and will be located in the space next to Burger King. This area sees more traffic from commenters daily than any other area in Bozeman. It's a perfect location for them.

We can't wait to see how the new store looks and wish Olivelle the best of luck.

For more details, check out Olivelle.

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