City of Bozeman

Bozeman Curbside Recycling With No Sorting
Bozeman has greatly improved their recycling programs in the last couple of years. Did you know that you can get curbside pick-up of your recyclables WITHOUT having to sort them? One tote for all of your recycling needs!
Bozeman Leaf Pick Up Schedule 2014
Bozeman leaf pick up has begun! We've got the entire schedule right here for your convenience. Pick up starts in the "Subdivision Areas" on October 29th and in the "Core" on November 3rd.
Someone Got The Boot Today In Downtown Bozeman [CITATION]
Couldn't help notice this vehicle parked at the corner of N Willson and Main today. You can't miss that driver's side front wheel. Note: Your vehicle will be immobilized by the boot if you have 6 or more unpaid parking violations. You have to pay ALL unpaid violations PLUS a $150 boot fee to get you…

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