PooPourri – For The Girls Who Poop [VIDEO]
I'm one of those dude's who refuses to believe girls poop. Don't try to tell me anything to the contrary (let me have this facade...Santa was taken from me a long time ago). I guess if girls really do poop, they should always have some PooPourri handy (you know, for dude's like me).
Mazda6 ‘High Jump’ Commercial – What’s the Song?
In the new ad for the 'All New Mazda6,' a classic rock staple gets strapped in for the ride once more. The Who are certainly no strangers to their music being used in ads, television shows, movies and ringtones. So Mazda has decided to trot out the ever familiar strains of the Who classic 'Baba O'Riley' to use in their new ad campaign. "This is the Mazda Way" the ad proclaims. Well...alr

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