Improv Everywhere Flash Mob Lights Up NYC With 3,500 Glowsticks and Flashlights [VIDEO]
On July 16, New York’s Rockefeller Park was lit up like a Christmas tree when over 3,500 people converged for Improv Everywhere’s latest MP3 Experiment. The popular series of “missions,” as IE calls its stunts, asks participants to download an MP3 file, gather in one spot, hit play at the same time and follow the audio instructions for an awesome effect. The eighth installment in the MP3 mission s
Pizza Huts in India Have Dancing Waiters — and They Are Awesome [VIDEO]
Indian Pizza Huts are just like American Pizza Huts, with two small twists: They serve ketchup as a pizza condiment and instead of service with a smile, you get service with a dance. Shot in the northern Indian city of Agra, this video of dancing Pizza Hut servers shows what is apparently an everyday occurrence at the chain’s restaurants throughout India. Look at that fancy footwork on server