AMBER Alerts Coming to Facebook News Feeds
Starting today, AMBER Alerts may start popping up in your Facebook news feed.
Facebook announced today a partnership with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that will send AMBER Alerts to people’s Facebook news feeds in targeted search areas to help find a missing …
The MOOSE Is On Facebook, Of Course
It's just another way to keep up with The MOOSE, and the happenings around Bozeman so make sure we're Facebook friends, OK? We'd hate for something really fantastic to happen and you not find out about it IMMEDIATELY, you know?
Your Facebook Friends Could Affect Your Credit?
Are you ready for the latest Facebook scandal? Apparently, your Facebook friends could affect your credit! They won't affect your traditional FICO score, but there are a handful of new companies that are analyzing your Facebook friends to determine whether you're a safe bet for credit. If …

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