Screen On The Green: 2013
Greatest concert film of all time "Stop Making Sense" and live music from The Petty Band & more! Rockin' sound by poindexters audio!
20th Century Fox Updating Its Name For the New Century
When 20th Century Fox was founded in 1935 (the combination of Fox Films Corporation and Twentieth Century Pictures) it's possible that the founders of the company may have joked that their name could become obsolete in sixty five years, but it seems unlikely they were thinking that far ahead. Now --…
2013 Tracy Award Ceremony May 3rd Ellen Theatre
“This is a cool event where you get to see quality short films from those of us just about to enter the film industry.  This is a sneak peak into the future of what film is going to look like,” says Fallon Walker, director of Google Docs.
5 Short Films That Would Make Great Feature Films
How’d you like to wake up with the knowledge that you've been shot in the head? Yeah, that would suck, but what if the bullet that was stuck in your skull triggered some pretty cool supernatural powers? Yeah, now we’re talkin’! That’s what happens to the protagonist in ‘Bullet Head,’ an awesome new …

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