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Sir Scott's Oasis is For Sale
If you've dreamed of being your own boss AND owning a famous Montana business, this Manhattan opportunity might be for you. The land and liquor license are included, of course.
BagelWorks is For Sale
A mild sense of panic came over me when I saw the news of my beloved BagelWorks being up for sale. But perhaps this iconic Bozeman business can seamlessly transition to new hands and all will be well.
Big Sky's Priciest
This month brings another amazingly beautiful house and large property out of Big Sky, Montana. But what's happening? I was surprised for a moment that the price wasn't higher.
Ro Sham Bo Paperie In Downtown Bozeman Is For Sale
If I were to own a business in downtown Bozeman, this would probably be it. Love writing letters? Note cards? Notebooks? Hand made paper? I do. In fact, I have an unspoken motto of "she who dies with the most stationery, wins." Here's the lowdown:
‘Home Alone’ House for Sale
Do you live in the Chicago area and want to own a piece of movie history? Well, now's your chance.
According to the Chicago Tribune, the house featured in the movie 'Home Alone' officially went on the market Thursday with an asking price of - wait for it - $2.4 million.
Among the features in this now-…