First World Thankfulness
Before we get into the season of honest and from-the-heart daily 'Thankful' posts, I'll share with you an interesting but thought provoking conversation we had the other day.
Oh Women And Their Facebook Friends
I gotta say, I'm with a lot of women on this one. Read this interesting article about how women really feel about their Facebook friends. I found myself nodding along in my head as I read this. If you're one of my Facebook friends, I'm not talking about you (I love all your inter…
Add “Theme Pics” To Your Collection
I was out with a group of friends last weekend, a camera was handy, and so was an awesome idea. Someone mentions a game of sorts they used to play in college, taking "theme pics". This picture is what we would look like if we just walked in on our parents having sex.
The More You Gamble, The More You Win
So in addition to the night on the town paid for by my friend Angel in Missoula due to the Bobcat win, I made several other bets on the Cat/Griz game. My friend, Andy Hintzpeter, who actually works across the street from our studios was talking smack on Facebook. So naturally I bet him too.