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2014 Jeep 'Call of Summer' Commercial - What's the Song?
The new Jeep commercial takes all of the best aspects of summer and combines them into one happy-go-lucky ad: driving with the windows down, grilling on the patio, relaxing on the beach, hitting the waves, and partying into the night -- all while the perfect summer soundtrack plays in the background…
Taxi Driver Sings Exactly Like Michael Jackson
I just came across this YouTube video, which was apparently uploaded a couple years ago. I don't know if this guy is still entertaining people out of his cab in Brazil with the most spot on Michael Jackson singing voice I have ever heard...but you need to see this:
Top Five All-Time Best Half-Time Performances (VID)
For its first couple decades of existence, the Super Bowl halftime show featured marching bands or “Up With People”-type musical medleys. Unfortunately, but the only folks who really got excited about those performances were the families of the performers.
Over the last 20 years, the Super Bowl halft…