10 Famous Women You Probably Didn’t Know Posed Naked
It’s the 21st century, and seemingly every lady on Earth has taken her clothes off for a camera at least once. But there are some celebrities who stripped down back in the day that might just surprise you. In this list, we’ll share some of the most unexpected naked la…
Row Team Takes Off Clothes, Breaks World Record
An all-female group of British rowers proved that some things are just easier when you’re naked. The five adventurous ladies paddled their way across the Atlantic Ocean sans clothing in 45 days, breaking the previous world record (for speed, not the being nude part) in the process.
World Naked Bike Ride Hits Portland
Last Saturday was Portland Oregon's version of the World Naked Bike Ride. World Naked Bike Ride is a globally observed event among hard-core bikers designed (get ready for this) to promote the use of bicycles for transportation. Nothing entices me to ride my bike more than seeing a naked person…