Could Bozeman Host the 2026 Winter Olympics?
I know I'm getting a bit ahead of myself, but could Bozeman be a possible host of the 2026 Winter Olympics? That gives us only 12 years to make it happen if it's true. I can't believe 2026 is only 12 years away!
Save Olympic Wrestling [VIDEO]
In the wake of the IOC's recent recommendation that wrestling be pulled from the Olympics beginning in 2020, an overwhelming outcry of support has surfaced from the wrestling community. I think this video, presented by Wrestling With Iowa, best sums up the benefits of the sport and why removing it f…
Ragu Airs Disturbing Ad During Olympics [VIDEO]
Did anyone else catch this during a recent commercial break of Olympic coverage? I'm still not sure if this is a joke, but watch the latest advertisement for the (family-friendly?) pasta sauce Ragu. An innocent kid apparently walks in on his parents having sex to the funniest jingle ever playing in …
Why Aren’t There More Olympic Movies? [VIDEO]
I love the Olympics, in particular the Summer Olympics. Every four years I get way caught up in the back-story drama (NBC, I know what you're doing but I still love it). With all the real life drama behind what it takes to compete in the Olympics and win a medal, why hasn't this been reena…

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