ATM Robbery Prank Gone Wrong [VIDEO]
Need another example of how stupid kids can be? Check out this "prank" these two idiots from Australia pulled. "The purpose of this video was to see who would try and stop a robbery if they witnessed one happening in front of them". This fun little social experiment looks like it may a resulted in a broken nose for one of them:
DUI Wake Up Prank – [VIDEO]
A comedian named Tom Mabe decided his alcoholic friend needed to be taught a lesson after being arrested for a fifth DUI. Mabe and his friends waited until the man passed out and pulled off an epic prank. It involved converting an empty office into a hospital room, a team of fake doctors and nurses, and a mock TV newscast from the future to convince the man he had been in a ten-year coma. Check it
Movie Trailer Street Prank [VIDEO]
What if a 'movie trailer voice over guy' narrated your every mundane move? There's a prank on YouTube where Jon Bailer (the voice of Honest Trailers) follows random people around L.A. and does just that. It's pretty funny, check it out here:

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