First-Time Parent Dealing With A Sick Child. Help!
My 13-month old is under the weather at the moment and it's kind of tearing at the old heart strings. It's just a tough age to see your little love not feeling well. She can't communicate how she's feeling, aside from moans and cries. What's a parent to do? Right now it seem…
Can Too Clean Be Too Much For Children?
Typically, little girls are cleaner than their hole digging, bug squashing, eat what's been on the ground counterpart known as little boys. But a current study has theorized that squeaky clean girls are more likely to get sick later on than the the dirty boys.
My Day In A Nutshell
A laptop, a bed, a guitar, various cups of tea, Airborne and cough drops. I was sent home early from work when I mentioned that I felt something coming on so those are my co-workers today. It seems like everyone's really got the fever for Christmas this year...