Sunday Brunch

The Sunday Brunch on The MOOSE
One of the best, worst-kept secrets on the Bozeman radio is the Moose's Sunday Brunch. You can catch it every Sunday morning from 9am to Noon, Mountain Time with your host Elle Fine. It might be the best thing to ever happen to Sunday Mornings, ever.
Sunday Brunch- repost- Rodney Crowell is Fine Bourbon Whiskey

In honor of Rodney Crowell returning to the Moose studios this Friday at 9:30 am- Im going to repost this show interview/recap from his visit in the Fall of 2010. Rodney, Emmy Lou and Mary Chapin Carpenter will all be at the Red Ants Pants Fest this weekend in White Sulpher Springs. Enjoy, L.
Now, I…
Sunday Brunch: 2.13.11
A simple playlist post at the moment and a quick thanks for listening this morning.  This afternoon is MAN DAY in Downtown Bozeman. A pre Valentines Day shopping fest ( with help) for the Men.  Some shops even have FREE BEER for the taking...
Rodney Crowell Is Fine Bourbon Whiskey
Now, I know this is a rock station but on Sunday mornings I get to do a show that crosses over many lines. Basically, I get to scribble 'well'  and within reason in a coloring book of my own making that has 'The MOOSE' written on the cover. This morning Rodney Crowell and I …
Sunday Acoustic Brunch With Matt And Boo.
Sunday Acoustic Brunch- December 5th, 2010-
Thanks so much to Matt & Boo (Chelsea) for joining me in the studio this morning and bringing their favorites to play for you. It was a lot of fun and we’ll do it again, Im sure.