Meanwhile in Indonesia...[VIDEO]
Trucks are overloaded, there's no traffic laws (or common sense) and men, women and children alike are laughing at accidents on the road. I wonder if anyone stopped to check on the driver?
'Ted 2' Official Trailer is Here [VIDEO]
We've been waiting a long time (ok, since 2012) for a new adventure from our favorite foul-mouth teddy bear (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) and his best pal John (Mark Wahlberg). We still have a little waiting to do, as "Ted 2" doesn't open until June 26, but we now have a tr…
Extreme Skier Hits Serious Death Drop in Alaska [VIDEO]
Check out this crazy scary Red Bull video featuring professional skier Cody Townsend as he somehow makes this narrow, vertical mountain chute run in Alaska's Tordrillo Mountains look easy. This is what you might call a Red Diamond run. If you have access to a helicopter, don't try thi…
New Artist of the Day: George Ezra [VIDEO]
My wife's English uncle, who happens to have very good taste in music, often sends names of artists across the pond who we absolutely have to lend an ear to. He recommended listening to a young, English singer-songwriter by the name of George Ezra. What do you think?

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