It's Tourism Week, which got me thinking about the Bozeman appeal and all that this town offers to tourists year-round. With access to some amazing back country fun, beautiful scenery, cool attractions and so much more, it is quite the destination. Of course, when you have these things at your fingertips you tend to take them for granted. So we want to know, what local tourist attraction do you take for granted?

I'll go first. Let's just say in my now 5 years of living here, I haven't exactly taken the time to appreciate one of world's best collection of dinosaur fossils that are right in my backyard. Well, not literally my backyard...but right down the street at the Museum of the Rockies. I've been told they also have an amazing planetarium and they always host really fun events. Oh well, I'm sure that will all change soon now that I am a dad. Anywho, that is my embarrassing true tale of local neglect. How about you?