Whatup internet? Many anachronists and music junkies have a friend in Aloe Blacc, and you should as well. When I get to DJ somewhere there is one experience that is repeated time and time again (no, not bombing.) I put on the sweet pounding pianos of Aloe Blacc's "I Need A Dollar" and no matter where I am, no matter the audience, I have someone walk up and ask me who it is. It, is Mr. Blacc doing what he does best: making music. The Californian rapper/songwriter/crooner/go listen to him already has been creating for a long while, with help from hip hop producers and live bands alike. His current band, Truth & Soul, backs up his sound  with such thorough beauty that the spine tingles with reverberations of the greatest sould singers around (or no longer.) Imagine Bill Withers carrying a heavier tone with hip hop in his pocket.

Not to be pigeon holed into one category, Blacc's influence is primarily hip hop with his first major release on Stone's Throw Records, Shine Through. A diverse and hungry album filled with pain and love, Shine Through would not be the best introductory piece for newcomers who are not already heads. Style flows across the album from hip hop to world and in my humble opinion demonstrates a diversity and skill unique among artists.

Most of you will be hooked by "I Need A  Dollar" on the album Good Things, but after you have digested that tasty meal, take a chance and check out his earlier music. It is not for everyone but by Odin, what is? Check it out at Cactus Records downtown and tell them you need Aloe Blacc or you will just simply not be able to carry on. They are good people, they can help. Peace