Howdy hoo my friends, let's get acquainted. My name is Riley, and I like you. Thank you for checking out my little corner of internet world. Here is how this is going to work: I will be sauntering through my fancy little life in Bozeman and the surrounding area and keeping you all informed about the super incredible whirly-gig of the happening. You are going to sit right there in front of that screen and enjoy. As we get started breaking this mother in I should drop a wee disclaimer:

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Now that we have the formalities taken care of, let's put some mud on these tires.

Boppin' round downtown just t'other day, I wandered through that Bozeman favorite munchery: The Nova Cafe. Now, being a fan of darkness, graffiti and sharks, the Dizmal, John Warren, show adorning the walls made for some appealing decor. Many of us may not enjoy the gnarly visual of giant brains and teary-tentacled Poseidon while gobbling our Denver omelets (or cream cheese pancakes) but get over it, these paintings are sick. I must say that in a world filled with box store kitsch/art-vomit in most diners, a little flavor is more than welcome and isn't that why we venture from the safety of our kitchens? Well, apart from abject laziness and a lack of culinary skill.

Wander on in to enjoy the art and enjoy the food. Enjoyment is mandatory. Also the Nova has dope coffee.